Martindale, Cumbria, taken with Lento and the Moment Anamorphic lens

Lento is a film simulation camera for Android that also works with anamorphic lenses. I’ve been using it daily for both anamorphic landscapes and family snaps with beautiful results. It’s a bit quirky, but I love using it and hope you will too.

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A contact sheet of photos taken using the monochrome AGFA APX 25 film simulation LUT

Film Simulation

Lento includes look-up-tables (LUTs) that simulate the colours and tone of various famous camera films. LUTs map a colour from a source photograph to the colour that would be expected from these real-life film types. This together with Lento’s lack of constant auto-focus (you can touch the screen to select a focus point) produces photos that really do look like they were taken with a traditional film camera.

Anamorphic Lenses

Derwent Water, Cumbria. taken with Lento and the Moment Anamorphic lens, post-processed in Snapseed

Anamorphic lenses take a wide aspect and squeeze the photo onto the phone sensor, this then needs readjusting giving a much wider photo than would normally be possible without expensive professional hardware. If you shoot with the default 4:3 Lento will produce 16:9 photos, most Android devices also have a native 16:9 ‘sensor crop’ option, when using this Lento will output a cinematic 2.4:1 photo. If you want to get into anamorphic photography with your phone I recommend Moment’s phone cases and lenses which work brilliantly with Lento.

The Moment anamorphic lens on a Pixel 5

Bottom of Sourhall Road, Todmorden, taken using built-in film simulation


Coming Soon

Lento is regularly being updated with new features, as it evolved from a specialist anamorphic tool into a more general use camera some standard Android camera features are still evolving: